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Why SolCups?

100% hand blown glass

All of our glassware is individually hand blown, using the highest quality glass. Our glass is light weight, elegant in shape and crystal clear. They make quite the statement with their sleek designs and on-trend colours.

Plastic-free products

SoL creates premium and sustainable reusable products – they’re beautiful, functional and free from plastic. We are for embracing taste and ending waste. Become a #solmate today!

Sustainable & ethically produced

Our range of hand blown glass products give you eco-friendly options for everyday living – think glass drink bottles and cups, stainless steel straws, and durable hessian carry totes and pouches. We are for optimistic drinkers and half-full thinkers!

Free shipping on orders over $70

Whenever you spend $70 or more, shipping is on us! It’s our way of saying thank you for being an eco warrior #SoLmate.

Beautiful gift packaging

Our SoL products are thoughtfully and mindfully packaged to create a positive experience. Whether you are gifting it to your #SoLmate, or just becoming an eco-warrior yourself, SoL’s packaging is always designed with the planet in mind. From our stunning gift boxes to our thoughtfully supplied cleaning brush for your water bottle, we have you covered.

Founder Story

I started SoL at the end of 2016, and within the first 2 financial years we became one of the top 4reusable cup companies globally. We operate across Australia, NZ, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, USA, Europe and the UK. With offices in Sydney and London. We have plans for further global expansion, of exciting new products in development, market innovation and exciting educational projects.

Public speaking, human behaviour, health and the psychology behind business is what I am most passionate about.

Specialising in product and small business development, psychology of the sell and motivating people to feel empowered.

Previously a personal trainer, with an array of incredible clientele, I have previously managed gyms, hosted corporate seminars in mental health and fitness, focused around team building and productivity. I delivered many programs through universities and high schools and corporate spaces.

It is my mission to understand the core elements of business culture and human behaviour.

My most current venture Sol Products aims to reach out and share my knowledge of health to as many people as possible. Sol Products are sustainable, environmentally friendly and healthy, they are chemical free, hand blown glass reusable coffee cups! For optimistic drinkers and half full thinkers.

I am the youngest member and Vice President of the Bondi Chamber of Commerce.

I also have recently created a new business, more of a passion project, coaching clients ,specifically in product based businesses, to educate and inspire others on their journey of small business success. With mentoring available, I assist you on your journey from start up to global expansion.

I am now the co-founder of my latest Company, Beauty by Australia, where we source vegan, natural, ethical, sustainable and cruelty free beauty products, curated to perfection. In hope to produce our own incredible range soon!

Our Curated Collection